Cake Business – How To Price Your Cakes Masterclass

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Are you struggling on how to price your cakes correctly? Have no idea where to even start? Are you a cake business owner and making lots of cakes but not making any money?  Don’t panic, it’s not too late to start pricing your cakes correctly and start making money from your cake business.  When I first started although I had a rough idea of what I needed to include when pricing my cakes, I still used to make a rough estimate when it came to pricing.  I used to puck a number out of the sky and hope for the best until I got myself a proper system and calculated all my costs and expenses allowing me to actually make proper money from cakes.

After making lots of cakes, working lots of hours (especially weekends and late nights!) and not making a huge amount of money I put a proper pricing structure in place and paid myself fairly.  In this guide I’m sharing everything that I’ve learnt to help you price your cakes correctly so that you’re making money, valuing your time and experience and in turn working less hours for more money.  

In this self guided course I’ll go through everything you need to know

  • how to work out how to price your cakes properly
  • what you need to include when pricing cakes
  • we’ll go through how to calculate your basic costings
  • how to calculate your expenses and bills
  • how to determine your hourly rate
  • how to make money making cakes
  • how to determine what price is right for your cakes and the area you live in

One size doesn’t fit all and your pricing will be influenced by where you live, your skill level and much more but this course will allow you to price your cakes so that you’re making money but still able to sell cakes wherever you are.

This is a online guide and you’ll be able to access the course content immediately after purchase.  Due to the downloadable nature of the course, refunds are not permitted.

BONUS – you’ll also be able to join our exclusive Facebook group, a community of like minded people where you can ask questions, share advice and meet other cake makers.


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